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Robin’s Week #5 Recommendation: Wings of Desire (1988)

“The story is in the telling.” When I think on that old canard, I am reminded that the best movies slip the limitations of the linear story and provide us with more, be it detail, or color, or depth. Like … Continue reading

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Bobby’s Week #5 Recommendation: To the Devil a Daughter (1976)

“98% of so called Satanist are nothing but pathetic freaks who get their kicks out of dancing naked in freezing church yards.  I have a feeling I’m dealing with the other 2%” Well I guess JDF and myself are both … Continue reading

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JDF’s Week #5 Recommendation: The Devil Rides Out (1968)

In the summer of 1968, a horror movie was released that detailed the story of a satanic cult summoning the Devil and carrying out unspeakable rituals in his name. The film was critically praised, made millions of dollars, and became … Continue reading

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Jax’s Week #5 Recommendation: Dororo (2007)

Picture this if you will…. You are the ruler of a major clan in future Japan.  You are defeated in battle and seek refuge in a monastery.  The monk hides you in the only place no one will go, The … Continue reading

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Week #5: Heaven vs. Hell

As two wise women once said, “Heaven is a place on Earth”and “Hell is for children.” I have no idea if either are true, but it sure is a nice sentiment. Anyway, as you can tell, this week’s topic lies … Continue reading

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JDF’s Week #4 Recommendation: Stray Dog (1949)

 Few movies convey a sense of oppressive, stifling, inescapable heat more vividly than Akira Kurosawa’s Stray Dog. In this early example of film noir, post-war Tokyo is in the grips of an intense heatwave that dominates the actions of every character. … Continue reading

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Robin’s Week #4 Recommendation: Claire’s Knee (1970)

Claire’s Knee is object of desire in this quintessentially French film. To be fair, it is a very nice knee, but the problem for our protagonist, 35-year old, engaged Jerome, is that it is attached to a 16 year old … Continue reading

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