Bobby’s First Recommendation for Week #23: Colin (2008)

My first pick this week comes to you from first time writer/director Marc Price of England. I don’t know if its possible to get more B-movie than this film.  The movie was produced on roughly a $70 budget.  There’s not really anything scary about the movie, but it is about zombies so definitely fits the horror genre.

The story follows Colin (surprised?) a newcomer to the undead as he tries to survive in this new lifestyle.  The zombies are extremely slow and quite a bit less aggressive than you may be accustomed to but still hungry for humans.  Also, don’t expect a whole lot of dialog since the movie is in the perspective of a zombie.

While watching this film I felt somewhat of an odd connection with Colin and finally figured out why about 30 minutes in.  JDF over the past few months has been video taping me when we are out drinking and has talked about compiling these videos together into somewhat of a movie.  I think somehow this footage went back in time and ended up Marc Prices hands and he just used it as inspiration on how his main character should portray a zombie.

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