Jax’s Week #28 Recommendation: 2046 (2004)

So I procrastinated like crazy posting my holiday film.  I had a really busy Christmas/New Years.  I’m glad to be back on here sharing my thoughts again.  Sorry for the delay!  This film is not a Christmas movie in the classic sense at all, but it does take place for the most part on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  This film comes to us from the land of China and for the most part takes place exclusively in China.  I struggle to even describe this film.  It is kind of a story within a story and for the most part it is a classic love story.  Our main character is a writer by the name of Chow.  The main story follows his life and the women that come and go.  Let’s just say that Chow is pretty adept with the ladies.  His love life is like a constant walk of shame.  This story in and of itself is pretty solid and entertaining.  The other story that weaves itself into this film is that of a place called 2046.  2046 is a story written by… you guessed it… Chow!  It is about a futuristic place where one is taken care of by android sex slaves.  Everyone goes there for their own reason but nobody ever returns…. except for one man.  That is really as descriptive as I can be without spoiling the movie for you.

I enjoyed Chow’s character so much.  The guy seems to get away with anything.  If any man ever did half the things he did they would end up getting pepper sprayed and have a string of restraining orders against them.  Somehow Chow is just that suave.  The 2046 aspect of the story is a little strange and confusing at times but definitely interesting.  I don’t think I ever really got the purpose of it, but hey, its Asian cinema.  You know something is going to weird at some point!  So give it a watch and see for yourself.  Cheers!



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Hello, I am Jack's life. I was born a poor black chi..... no, wait a minute... that was definitely someone else. I was born in the wannabe city of Portsmouth, VA. My childhood was fairly run of the mill. My father was some sort of Titan descended directly from Zeus's loins and my mother must have been a dark creature from the netherworld. I grew up with two of the founding members of this group and amazingly still tolerate their continued presence (or maybe it is the other way around). After my eighteen years of forced captivity I set out into the world determined to conquer all who opposed me...... clearly things didn't work out as planned. Since life usually sucks I turned to movies as my escape. They did the job pretty well. Then I discovered what you mortals call alcohol. So naturally I made dispensing this glorious liquid my profession. It has served me pretty well through the years. I have met many great friends and several concubines this way (some have worked better than others). Now i wait to see what fate has in store for me. All told, your normal everyday Jack, until my true plans come to fruition.............. (insert evil laugh here)
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