Bobby’s Week #31 Recommendation: Triangle (2009)

My pick this week comes from director Christoper Smith out of the UK.  This is actually the 3rd time I’ve come across one of his movies as a possibility for the week but only the first to get posted (the other 2 are sure to come up on some other topic so I wont mention them).

The movie is set around Jess (Melissa George) and a group of friends as they go sailing. After their boat overturns in a freak storm, they board an ocean-liner that seemingly appeared out of no where.  Once aboard the boat they begin to realize that it is likely deserted. . . until they start getting hunted down one by one.

Melissa George does a great job playing a very confused and surreal-looking main character.  That isn’t surprising though as her more popular roles have been horror films (Amityville Horror and 30 Days of Night).

To me the movie reminded me a lot of The Shining.  After reading into a little, there were a few Easter Eggs actually tossed in from there.  See if you can spot them.

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