Bobby’s Week #1 Recommendation: The Idiots (1998)

I decided this week to not recommend a movie about a single fool; Instead, you get one about eleven. Lars Von Trier wrote/directed thise movie that follows Stoffer and his group of friends who regularly meet up at a home Stoffer is selling (failing to rather) for his uncle. The groups primary activity is that of spazzing.

What is spazzing you ask? Well basically it means the group goes around and act like idiots.  Now, I don’t mean the kind of idiots you would find in a movie like JackAss.  These guys go out into the world of “normal” people and pose as if they are mentally handicapped.  That’s right… the movie is about almost a dozen people acting like they are literally retarded.

The group spazzes to escape the reality of their regular lives.  Most of them have regular jobs, families, friends ect which they hide their spazzing from.  By the end the groups challenge is incorporate this spazzing into their normal life to prove dedication.  The only one to rise to the occasion is Karen.

If the movie had a main “fool” character, it would likely be Karen.  She was recruited unknowingly early in the movie.  While she did not initially like the antics of the group, you could tell she had fallen on hard times and was looking for a place to be accepted.  By the end, Karen is acting just as retarded as the rest of the group.

Lastly… I must warn everyone that while this movie is based about people acting mentally handicapped… that is not the worst part of the movie. I don’t want to spoil it though so you have to watch it to find out!


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