Extinction (2015)

Miguel Angel Vivas’ 2015 zombie drama isn’t going to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the now tired genre. Zombies as an allegory for [insert human condition here] has been around since George A. Romero popularized the genre in 1968. Extinction play’s to this cliche with its pathos driven parental paradigm to minimal effect. While I somewhat desperately wanted this Matthew Fox and Jeffrey Donovan lead effort to produce worthwhile moments, was I the only fan of Lost (sans final season)? It flounders tediously in over indulgent yet nonsensical character development. Rarely have I had to utter, “This film needs more zombies.” Alas we arrive at the climactic moments of the movie wondering where the survival threat had been hiding the whole time, as it desperately inserts itself as an afterthought leading to the denouement. Remember, Vivas reminds you in a pan-extinction zombie apocalypse, brush your teeth.

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1 Response to Extinction (2015)

  1. akabobbyhill says:

    Who else found it odd that after NINE years of scavenging and surviving they ran out of ammunition in less than 10 minutes defending from the zombies? And again… after seeing no humans for NINE years they all of a sudden make contact with two different groups of people less than hours drive away?

    This movie needed:

    More Zombies
    Less Drama from the Burn Notice guy
    Less dogs dying
    A better plot
    New Director

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