This film isn’t going to make any Gravy, PSYCH

Alright… first I must apologize for horrible innuendo I did there.  Second, I absolutely loved this movie.

Gravy is the perfect hodgepodge of Comedy and Horror.  Most of the movie I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be startled or laughing (mostly I did the latter). I can’t say that I’m surprised (since I was a huge fan of Psych) but, James Roday really delivered in this film.

Jimmi Simpson and Charlie Day did an absolutely amazing job as the lead actors. Wait?  That wasn’t Charlie Day?  HOLY SHIT it wasn’t.  It was the PI House hired to spy on Wilson.  Or was he the lawyer in one of the Halloween specials of Psych?  Eh probably (most definitely) both.  Turns out, after further review, quite a few of the actors/actresses appeared with Roday when he was doing his role as Shawn Spencer.

I have to say I was completely surprised at how much I enjoyed this film.  It really seemed as if it was going to be a super C or even D class movie, but it came out swinging like Hector until his head turned into a kayak.


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1 Response to This film isn’t going to make any Gravy, PSYCH

  1. I honest to god thought it was Charlie Day. What freaked me out more was finding out that Jimmi Simpson used to be roommates with Charlie Day.

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