27. Children of the Night (2014)

Let the Right One In alerted us all to one of the lesser known social problems of our time: vampire babies. If you are like me, it left you saying, “Look, I know that there is a problem, but what can I do?” Thanks to our friends in Argentina, now you know — you can sign up to work in Baby Vampire Land a/k/a Limbo, a haven for all the little monsters who were bitten in their prepubescent years and will never get old enough to vote. Well, “old enough” physically…mentally they are adult enough to really creep you out. It’s sort of the opposite problem that Twilight had — there, you could ignore how creepy it was that a 90 year old man was macking on a teenager because he looked like a teenager. It is far less creepy that two 30 year olds are making out, but not, it turns out, when they have the body of 12 year olds.

Anyway, the movie has an interesting premise, even if it doesn’t do much with it. Worth a watch.

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1 Response to 27. Children of the Night (2014)

  1. JDieFledermaus says:

    Really interesting premise that doesn’t get explored terribly often on film. By and large, really well executed and entertaining. My only issue is the tone seems inconsistent at times (fun, poppy music mixed with gory slaughter). I’m sure it was intentional, but it contrasted the rest of the movie so much that it took me out of the story a bit.

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