29. Bone Tomahawk (2015)

OK, first things first. While this is technically a horror movie — and there are horrific things that happen — you will probably forget that about 10 minutes in. That’s OK. It’s a good story with good actors — Kurt “mothafrackin” Russell, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins, and our old Extinction buddy Matthew Fox. Crazy Sean Young, Sid Haig, and 90s B-movie stud Micheal Pare even appear for about 5 seconds each.

The story is straight-forward enough — think 13th Warrior set in the Wild West and you’re getting close. The West was a brutal place, and John Wayne wasn’t always around to take care of the bad guys — and ol’ Rooster Cogburn never saw anything like this…

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1 Response to 29. Bone Tomahawk (2015)

  1. JDieFledermaus says:

    I described this movie to akabobbyhill as 95% “traditional Western” and 5% “holy shit that was crazy gory Horror”. Which is fine with me, I’ll never turn down a good Western.

    Great cast, good writing, fine acting. It did tend to drag a bit towards the middle, but not enough to significantly detract from my enjoyment.

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