Robin Goodfellow

A 483rd generation Southerner, Mr. Goodfellow was raised in the wild suburbs of Atlanta by a band of corporate gypsies. As a child he had a rational fear of werewolves (like you didn’t). He eventually moved to Charlotte, which is so yuppie that the 7-11s have olive bars and expectant mother parking. After his forced education ended, Mr. Goodfellow fled North Carolina and bounced around from town to town, from New Hampshire to Montana, like the law was after him (they probably weren’t). He ended up in Dallas surrounded by 25 million Texans – it took him 5 years to fight free. There was more schooling along the way, a string of women who broke his heart, a debilitating hummus addiction, and a couple of run-ins with armadillos. The usual. He now lives in Hampton Roads where he is only seen at night and, sadly, wears a tie to work.


Location: Right behind you
Movies I love: Vanishing Point, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Fletch, Blade Runner, Infernal Affairs, The Man from Nowhere, Clerks, Bull Durham, Arsenic and Old Lace, Field of Dreams, Blazing Saddles, Evil Dead II, The Godfather
Movie I Hate Admitting I Like: Notting Hill
Last Movie I Saw: Eaters (2015)

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