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This website grew from a discussion of the “30-Day Movie Challenge ,” or rather our misunderstanding of the Challenge. See, we thought that the purpose of the challenge was to watch a movie every day for 30 days, with each movie being from a different category, such as, “favorite book adaptation.” In reality, the Challenge is just to post a clip from the movie on your Facebook page, which is, let’s face it, a lot less challenging.

Anyway, we, the founders of this site, are movies fans. We are not trained in film history. None of us have attended a college class entitled something like “Postmodern Feminism in the Films of Brad Pitt.” We are just regular, slightly geeky guys who watch a lot of movies — good, bad, and ugly. In talking about the 30-Day Challenge we realized that each of us has seen a lot of movies that the others have not, and that we would like to share our knowledge and benefit from the knowledge or our peers.

So, we decided to make a pact. The rules are simple.  We agree to watch one movie every week that is recommended to us by other people in the group.  That’s it.  Every week we get a new category — it may be “Westerns” or “Films about Loss” – and each of us must post our recommendations on this site.  Participants can recommend ANY film, subject to the following restrictions:

(1)   it must fall at least generally into the category (for example, Back to the Future III could be considered a Western, because much of it takes place in the Wild West; however, The Seven Samurai would not, even though it contains what we now consider to be “Western” themes);

(2)  The recommender must believe that the movie has some merit that makes it worth recommending to your friends;

(3)   It cannot be a film that has been recommended during a previous week; and

(4)   The recommender must have seen the film.

Like I said, simple.

We could have just relied on the opinion of some erudite movie critic (sorry, Ebert, but you were wrong about The Raid: Redemption) or some aggregate score from the unwashed masses (seriously, masses, wash), but we decided to rely on the idiots we know rather than those we don’t.

Celluloidal Tendencies is our attempt to document our filmic journey, because we believe that posterity should know yada, yada. Feel free to accept or reject our recommendations as you wish. Call us idiots (nicely) in the comments, or make your own suggestions. Watch along with us. Maybe we’ll all learn something.

Your humble hosts are:


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